Designing services with you

What is co-production?

Co-production in health and social care brings together clinicians, care professionals, patients, clients and carers to plan and design services in equal partnership and on level footing.

The co-production approach is based on the principle that the views and experiences of a range of people are vital to designing effective services. It is not assumed that one party has all the answers – the best solutions can only be arrived at by working together.

Co-production has been used in the NHS and in social care to plan and develop services that better meet the needs of local people. The principle of co-production is informing our work to transform services as part of East Sussex Better Together.

How does it work?

Co-production involves gathering views and experiences from people (including health and social care staff, the public, patients, clients and carers) through in-depth interviewing, observations, group discussions and other methods.
A mixed group of these people then come together to explore the findings and to work collaboratively to design high quality, sustainable services.

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