Our journey so far

On this page you can read more about the development of the East Sussex Better Together Alliance.

150 Weeks of ESBT: 2014 - 2017

We’ve come a long way since we launched the first 150-week phase of our ESBT programme in August 2014. You can download the 150 week closure report to read about this phase of the programme, and the changes and innovations we’ve put in place to improve services for patients, carers and their families – such as Health and Social Care Connect; our Crisis Response service; Integrated Health and Care Locality teams, and much more.

ESBT Alliance Test Bed Year: 2017/2018

Working as the ESBT Alliance

In 2017/18 we worked in a new Alliance arrangement to test integrated care whilst not making any major changes to our organisations.  We adopted an Alliance Agreement and introduced a new joint governance structure to provide the framework for this new, closer, way of working.

Over the 2017/18 ‘test bed’ year we worked collaboratively to manage and deliver services and test new ways of working together. This created a learning environment to enable us to further develop plans for our future ESBT Integrated (Accountable) Care System model, and the best way to deliver our ESBT objective of fully integrated and sustainable health and social care for our local population.

Evaluating the ‘test bed’ year and next steps

Our joint working as the ESBT Alliance in 2017/18 had a positive impact on quality of care and performance; however the scale of our financial challenge has meant we need to adapt our way of operating in 2018/19 to provide a clear focus on financial recovery. This and national changes to plans for Integrated Care Systems mean we need to re-test and confirm our ESBT Alliance vision, and the design of our future Integrated Care System. We have agreed to extend our Alliance arrangement for a further year, until March 2020, to help provide the stability and consistency needed for our local plans.  We also continue to work in the context of our STP to set out how our integrated care provision locally can best support prevention and manage demand, as well as deliver quality services and integrated care.

This report sets out our initial assessment of the impact and learning from the ESBT Alliance test bed year. This has helped to inform how we have strengthened our ESBT Alliance arrangement in 2018/19. The report provides more detail about our process so far and the transformation activity that took place during 2017/18.

Further background information

Read our original research into accountable care (PDF) and further background information.

Here you will find examples of information used when planning East Sussex Better Together, and some presentations explaining more about the programme and its origins.

Here is information to show how we planned to embed and sustain the changes made throughout our 150 week programme.

Scrutiny of our plans

It’s important there is scrutiny of our plans for change, find out how this happens in our area.



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