Developing our model of accountable care

We have brought together information and material that has been discussed in relation to developing a new model of accountable care for ESBT.

The case for change in East Sussex – accountable care (PDF)
This paper revisits and summarises why we think moving to a new model of accountable care makes sense for ESBT, building on our initial research in Autumn 2015, as well as the original foundations of our ESBT programme.

Developing the evidence base further for ESBT accountable care (PDF)
This paper recaps why the features of accountable care will help us to deliver our triple aims of improved population health and wellbeing, enhanced care, quality and experience and restoring and maintaining financial balance. It also summarises the outcomes of local discussions during 2016 and ideas to test and develop aspects of accountable care models in 2017/18, and support further thinking on the most appropriate organisational arrangements for the future.