ESBT Outcomes Framework

As part of our test-year we developed an Outcomes Framework which was refreshed in March 2018 following feedback from stakeholder groups. This framework identifies a number of health and social care outcomes for us to measure our progress against. This useful tool will help us to understand if our ESBT Alliance arrangement is working effectively to improve population health and wellbeing, local people’s experiences, sustainability and quality of care and support.

Click here to download a summary of what we are working towards.

The below draft reports have been produced to show how we are performing against the outcomes in the ESBT Alliance Outcomes Framework. They are work in progress and will be added to as more information becomes available. In 2018/2019 we will be looking in more detail at each of the four outcome measures in turn. To start with, we have focused on Quality Care and Support.

Click here to see the draft report for all four outcome measures for 2015/2016, 2016/2017 and 2017/2018.

Click here to see the draft quarterly report for 2017/2018

For more information, contact Candice Miller, Policy Development Manager at East Sussex County Council.