Community resilience in East Sussex

Strong communities are really important for good health and wellbeing. Research proves strong communities are not just a ‘good thing’ – they actually keep people active and well.  To help build stronger communities, the Community Resilience programme focusses on the strengths of communities in East Sussex, and the energy of the people. This focus on the positive is sometimes referred to as an ‘asset based approach’.

In phase 1, we asked people to think about what else we can all do to help build stronger communities across the whole county of East Sussex. The response was amazing: between March and May 2016, an impressive 1,500 people across East Sussex got involved, using innovative ways of identifying and building on the unique strengths in communities.

It became clear that there was an incredible amount of common ground.  The four most important things to people were:

  • collaborating more
  • communicating better
  • making better use of our resources, and
  • helping people to get involved, especially as volunteers

We’re now starting on phase 2 of the programme, using these four ideas as the key principles. We know ideas will evolve over time and we want to keep talking and working together with everyone that can be involved, to recognise and make best use of our communities’ many skills, resources and enthusiasms.

Read our report on phase 1