Health and Social Care Connect

Health and Social Care Connect (HSCC) offers both the public and professionals a single point of access for adult health and social care enquiries, assessments, services and referrals.

This means adults in need of care and support, and their carers, will receive faster access to the services they need at home or closer to home – this could be information and advice, social care support or a community health service, and fewer people will need to go into hospital or stay in hospital longer than they need to.

HSCC was set up by bringing together three separate services (health referrals, social care assessments and a public adult social care helpline) into a single team able to deal with any health or social care enquiry from any source.

Already we are seeing an increase in the number of people contacting the service, and referrals being passed on to relevant services much faster than before.

Find out how integrated working is making a real difference to people’s lives: