The ESBT Alliance – integrated care

Integrated Care Systems were previously referred to as Accountable Care Systems, but were renamed by NHS England in 2018 to more helpfully describe the work being done.

What does integrated care mean?

  • Integrated care means working together to achieve positive outcomes (end results) for people, rather than focusing on activity (what interventions/treatments the person receives).
  • It means the health and care system is geared towards keeping people well and promoting independence and wellbeing, while ensuring we have high quality hospital, care and specialist services when people need them.
  • It means the Alliance partners working together to plan and deliver care and make the best use of the £850m we spend every year to meet the health and care needs of local people.
  • Examples of where we have integrated services are Health and Social Care Connect and Integrated Locality Teams.
  • Find out what the Kings Fund say about integrated (accountable) care.

Why do we need it?

Demand for NHS and social care services is increasing rapidly, but the money we have to pay for them is likely to stay about the same, or decrease. Our population is growing and people are living longer, so demand for health and social care is growing faster than our budget. More and more people require long-term support from both NHS and social care services, so we need to make sure they are planned and provided in a joined-up way.

The vision

Our vision is that by 2020/21 there will be an integrated, sustainable health and care system in East Sussex that ensures people receive proactive, joined up care, supporting them to live as well and as independently as possible, with care delivered close to home.

Find out more

These short videos explain more about integrated (accountable) care and the ESBT Alliance:

Visit the ‘Programme Info’ section of this website for more information on how we’ve progressed our plans for closer integration so far.