Your priorities for health and care

Over the past few months, the eight Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) within Sussex and East Surrey have engaged with and listened to over 850 local residents, patients and colleagues to gather views and feedback on the NHS Long Term Plan. This feedback will be used to develop our local plans for health and care.

Face-to-face conversations were held with local people, staff, NHS partners and voluntary and community organisations at local events in Bexhill, Hailsham, Hastings, and at other events across Sussex and East Surrey. People were asked how they would prioritise funding, based on key areas of the Long Term Plan, and to share their views on which of these areas were most important to them:

  • Supporting people with long term conditions
  • Community and out of hospital care
  • Mental health and wellbeing
  • Maternity and children’s services
  • Dementia
  • GP (primary) care
  • Improving emergency care
  • Cancer
  • Digital solutions
  • Prevention

So far, the most popular areas of focus have been prevention work, mental health and wellbeing, support for long term conditions and community care. It’s important to note these are initial, indicative findings and will not be used in isolation to prioritise NHS funding or service delivery.

Results of all the engagement events are now being analysed in detail, following which a full report will be available.

You can share your priorities online until the end of April using this quick survey.