Review of Public Health

The County Council is undertaking a full review of the services funded by, and functions of, Public Health. This is part of the broader work of Reconciling Policy Performance and Resources and ongoing development of the Council’s Core Offer.

The Public Health Core Offer sets out how the Council will meet their mandated responsibilities and make the best use of the resources available, by targeting action where health inequality is greatest and by using evidence to ensure that interventions are effective.

The Council need to ensure that Public Health achieves the best possible outcomes within available resources for East Sussex residents. This work will ensure the Council’s agreed priorities are being delivered, whilst taking account of local population needs and making the most of the partnerships that exist with other organisations.

Currently, Public Health work is funded by a ring-fenced grant from the Government. The Government’s current proposal under the fair funding review is for this grant to be subsumed into local funding. Even if the specific grant continues, the current level of funding may not be maintained so we need to plan ahead and where necessary reduce expenditure.

We will keep key stakeholders informed as the work progresses.