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Help us help you get help from your GP practice

GP practices across East Sussex are reassuring patients that they are open and providing care.

The way people access their GP practice has changed to ensure patients get the best possible care safely and quickly, but they all want their patients to know they are open and seeing patients every day.

As a result of coronavirus, GP practices are now working in a different way and you are asked to call or visit their website in the first instance if you need help rather than go down to the surgery.

From there, the practice team will consider how best to help you.

Face to face appointments are available, as well as the opportunity to be seen online and over the phone.

By working in this way, GP practices can reduce the number of people in the surgery buildings and ensure they are following social distancing and infection control procedures.

It is recognised that patients are often having to wait for longer on the phone and it can be harder to reach the practice teams but they are working hard to reduce any impact on patients.

Importantly, don’t delay in seeking advice if you need help.


Help us help you get the care you need by acting FAST on stroke symptoms

A stroke is a serious, life threatening condition and urgent treatment is essential. The sooner a person receives treatment for a stroke the less damage is likely to happen and their chances of a making a better recovery improve. If you are worried that you, a friend or family member are showing symptoms of having a stroke do not delay – call 999 immediately. Continue reading

Help us help you get the care you need for any heart-related symptoms

A heart attack is a serious medical emergency in which the supply of blood to the heart is suddenly blocked, usually by a blood clot. A lack of blood to the heart may seriously damage the heart muscle and can be life threatening. If you suspect you, a family member or friend is having a heart attack call 999 immediately. Continue reading

Stay warm and well this winter

As the nights draw in and the temperatures drop, our health can really take a hit. It’s particularly important to look after ourselves during the winter and to check in on friends, neighbours and relatives who might be more vulnerable.

Here are our top tips for staying warm and well this winter. Continue reading

Choose self care for life and visit your health experts on the high street

Self Care Week 2018 took place on 12 – 18 November and ESBT partners were encouraging local people to visit their nearest Healthy Living Pharmacy first for advice on minor conditions. Self Care Week is an annual campaign to help people understand how to take better care of their own physical health and mental wellbeing.

A visit to a GP is sometimes unavoidable but many people visit their GP and receive medicines on prescription when they could have visited their pharmacy for advice or cared for themselves at home. Continue reading