Go e-sussex – County call for help to deliver high speed broadband

Residents and businesses across East Sussex are being asked to help get the county up to speed with better broadband.

This week, the County Council is launching its ‘Go e-sussex’ campaign and is urging people to visit the Go e-sussex website to register their support for faster and more reliable broadband.

By 2015, the Council wants to see 90% of the county upgraded to superfast broadband – 24 Mbps (megabits per second) and over – whilst ensuring everyone in East Sussex can access the minimum level of service of 2 Mbps.

Earlier this year, the County Council, in partnership with Brighton & Hove City Council, won £10.64 million from Government for superfast broadband. The County Council has more than matched that grant with £15 million from its own capital programme – part of its ‘Budget for Growth’ initiative – to help get much faster broadband in homes and businesses across the county.

The authority is now preparing to look for a private sector partner who will install the infrastructure and invest in this project, and is now asking for help from residents and businesses to show that demand for faster broadband is high in East Sussex.

Councillor Keith Glazier, Deputy Leader of East Sussex County Council, said: “It is absolutely vital that faster and more reliable broadband is made available to all our residents and small businesses.

“Getting the whole county up to speed with faster broadband is one of the highest economic development priorities for East Sussex County Council with over £25 million funding to improve the broadband infrastructure in the county.

“It will give East Sussex the competitive edge it needs to attract new businesses and will empower our communities by providing access to services, jobs, education.

“Registering your interest does not mean you will have to subscribe to the service when it’s launched, but saying “Yes to superfast broadband” will directly help everyone in East Sussex receive faster, more reliable broadband.

“Back our new ‘Go e-sussex’ campaign and register your support today for faster broadband. Visit our new dedicated website to complete our online registration form at Go e-sussex or phone us on 01273 335991 if you require a paper copy. You will also find information and news updates about the project and Frequently Asked Questions about broadband”.