‘Con-grit-ulations’ for creative East Sussex youngsters

Schoolchildren in East Sussex have shown ‘true grit’ by conjuring up a series of imaginative names to add a touch of glamour to the county’s highways fleet.

After one of its gritters was christened ‘Blades Of Glory’, East Sussex County Council set the challenge to youngsters to come up with imaginative names for the remaining 23 vehicles in the fleet.

Winning entries included names referencing the world’s most famous Olympian, a martial arts legend and the Spice Girls.

As a result, vehicles bearing the names ‘Usain Salt’, ‘Truck Norris’ and ‘Girl Plougher’ will be among those criss-crossing the roads of East Sussex during the next cold spell, brightening up the sometimes prosaic world of preparing frost-bound roads.

The newly-christened trucks, freshly-painted with their new names, are being taken to the winning schools to allow the youngsters to see the results of their creative flair.

Among the first to be visited was Ditchling (St Margaret’s) C of E Primary School, which proved to be a cradle of creativity, producing two of the winning entries.

Pupils Annabelle and Billy Mathur came up with an imaginative spin on the world’s fastest man with the name Usain Salt, while Ella Forbes also demonstrated a flair for a good pun with her winning entry, Girl Plougher.

Roger Williams, county council head of highways, said: “When we launched the competition we hoped it would give the children a chance to get creative and to give them a sense of ownership of the gritters which help keep the county’s roads safe.

“We were flooded with entries and were really impressed with the wit and creativity they’ve shown in coming up with names.

“The visits we’ve carried out so far have been really well received and the children love seeing the gritters turn up and having a look at the vehicles they named.”

Other schools visited include Heron Park Primary Academy, in Dallington Road, Eastbourne, where youngsters received a visit from ‘Grittney Spears’.

Meanwhile, youngsters from year eight class 8JCL at Priory School, in Mountfield Road, Lewes, will be looking forward to a visit to the gritter they named – ‘Truck Norris’.

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Photo caption
– Ditchling (St Margaret’s) C of E Primary School pupil Ella Forbes (centre), who came up with the name ‘Girl Plougher’, with Annabelle and Billy Mathur, creators of the name ‘Usain Salt’

– Children from Heron Park Primary Academy, in Eastbourne, and reception class teacher Mrs Janina Mitchell with ‘Grittney Spears’