Don’t let asthma treatment slip, parents warned

PARENTS of children with asthma in East Sussex are being reminded to ensure their child uses their preventative inhaler regularly – to help avoid a spike in hospital admissions.

In recent years, hospitals across the country have seen a significant increase in asthma-related admissions of school-age children in September.

The Royal College of Nursing has warned that a lack of routine over the summer holidays means children may forget to use their preventative inhaler, leaving them less in control of their symptoms.

Meanwhile, the stress and excitement of returning to school and exposure to new viruses and colds over the summer can also leave children more vulnerable.

More than 10,000 East Sussex youngsters live with asthma, but good management of the condition can prevent around 70 per cent of asthma-related hospital admissions.

Darrell Gale, East Sussex director of public health, said: “All children with asthma should have in place a personalised action plan from their GP or asthma nurse advising them on how to manage their condition.

“The best way of staying in control of their asthma is for them to continue to use their inhaler as instructed consistently and regularly throughout the year – including during the holidays.

“The absence of school and the daily routine that goes with it means children may forget to use their inhaler in the same way they would normally.

“By ensuring their child gets back to their asthma plan routine following any disruption during the holidays, parents can avoid the unnecessary suffering, stress and worry of a trip to the hospital.”

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