Castle wall remnant toppled for safety reasons

(Video courtesy of BBC South East Today)

A SECTION of wall at Lewes Castle which was at risk following a collapse earlier this month has been removed for safety reasons.

Contractors working for East Sussex County Council yesterday (Thursday, November 21 2019) used heavy machinery to pull down the wall onto nearby land, away from properties in Castle Ditch Lane.

The small section of wall had been left standing after the wall fell on November 11 2019 but was in a precarious position and at risk of collapse.

To access the site, contractors had to remove part of a contemporary wall on the nearby bowling green and move their machinery in over the edge of the green and two neighbouring gardens.

The county council will now work with partners including Lewes District Council and Historic England to carefully examine the rubble before removal, which it is hoped will provide clues as to why it fell.

Kevin Foster, East Sussex County Council operating officer, said: “We’re immensely grateful to people at the bowling green and to neighbours for their understanding and cooperation while we undertake these emergency works.

“Without their co-operation we would not have been in a position to do these emergency works today.

“This part of the wall was in a dangerous position and if it had collapsed could have caused further damage to neighbouring buildings.

“We examined all the options and the only way to safely remove this risk was to carry out a controlled removal of this small section of wall.

“It’s still too early to say why the wall collapsed originally but a detailed investigation will be part of the process of recovering materials from the collapsed wall in the days and weeks to come. We will continue to work with neighbours and local affected businesses and will work to keep disruption to the minimum.

“We’re working with our partners to find the best way forward for this historic site, but it’s important to stress that the wall is only a small and not particularly visible part of a large site, and the castle remains open for business for people to come and enjoy.”