Preferred school place for most East Sussex children

THOUSANDS of students will discover they have a place at one of their preferred secondary schools, as school admissions for September 2022 are announced today.

Of the 5,634 applications received by East Sussex County Council, almost 96 per cent of children have been given a place at one of their three preferred secondary schools, with 87.6 per cent securing their first preference.

Applicants submitting their preferences on time were more successful in getting a place at one of their preferred schools.  The county council received 134 late applications this year.

Cllr Bob Standley, the county council’s lead member for education and inclusion, special educational needs and disabilities, said: “I am pleased that we have been able to offer the vast majority of East Sussex children a place at their preferred secondary school again this year.

“Planning starts well in advance to make sure there are enough school places to meet demand and I am delighted that, once again, we have ensured that everyone who applied has been offered a place at an East Sussex school.”

He added: “I wish the best of luck to all of those children embarking on their secondary school careers in September.”

Every application received is allocated in line with the published admissions policy.  Anyone unhappy with the place they have been allocated can appeal and details of how to do this are available at

Admission figures for 2022

– Applications for secondary school places received for September 2022  –  5634

– Number of children given a place at their first preference school –  4938 (87.6%)

– Number of children given a place at their second preference school  – 377 (6.7%)

– Number of children given a place at their third preference school  – 90 (1.6%)

– Number of children given a place that was not one of their three preferences –  229 (4.1%)

– Number of children who have not been allocated any place – 0 (0%)