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Re-wilding at County Hall

bird feeders containing peanuts on a birch tree with two benches in the backgroundA RE-WILDING project at County Hall in Lewes has seen the creation of a wild garden along with the installation of swift nesting boxes.

A tranquil garden has been created by the council’s Property team from a disused area next to one of the car parks in the council office complex.

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Eastbourne job fair opens doors

MORE than 200 people found out about the careers on offer at a job fair aimed at people who are furthest from the workplace.

The Opening Doors Job Fair, open to everyone but geared towards homeless people, ex-offenders, refugees and veterans, was part of wider efforts to support those who can struggle to find work.

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Be #deeraware and stay safe on rural roads

MOTORISTS in East Sussex are being urged to be ‘deer aware’ in the coming months to avoid colliding with the animals on rural roads.

Every year there are an estimated 74,000 deer-related traffic collisions in the UK. Deer cross roads all year round but the risk of encountering the animals increases in April and May when young deer are born.

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