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Working with people prescribed Dependence Forming Medication (DFM) and supporting those in chronic pain

Moderate to severe chronic pain, which means pain that continues for more than 12 weeks, is thought to affect almost one in five people in the UK. Traditionally, GPs have prescribed opiate medications for these conditions, however they can come with serious risks and be addictive when taken in the medium to long term. Guidance from the Royal College of Anaesthetists says there is little evidence opiates are helpful for long term pain. Continue reading

Listening to children and young people

Share your views on emotional health and wellbeing support services for children and young people in Sussex

The NHS and local authorities across Sussex are currently reviewing the emotional health and wellbeing services and support available for local children and young people between 0-18 years of age. The aim of the review is to get a better understanding of what works well and where improvements could be made. Continue reading