Plans for A265 road repairs in the pipeline

RoadworksPLANS to improve the condition of a busy road between Heathfield and Hurst Green are being drawn up by county council engineers.

Officers at East Sussex Highways are working on proposals which could include structural repairs, patching and resurfacing along the A265.

Funding is available for some of the work to be carried out in this financial year, and some in 2020/2021.

An East Sussex Highways spokesman said: “This is a major road, and the huge amount of traffic it carries has taken its toll on its condition.

“Before we can carry out repairs we need to carry out site investigations to determine the condition of the underlying foundations of the road. It isn’t simply a matter of resurfacing over the existing tarmac, we need to ensure that any permanent repairs will be robust and long-lasting.

“We would ask residents and motorists to bear with us while this work is carried out and assure them that once completed, we will announce a date for the repair work to begin.”

The highest priority sections, and those due to be completed first are the section of the A265 through Burwash Common from Swing Gate Hill to Foots Lane, and the section between the two junctions with Borders Lane.

All work will be planned with consideration for any utility work or other projects in the area to ensure that disruption is kept to a minimum.

The spokesman added: “As we work on plans, we want to assure local residents and motorists that we will continue to monitor the state of the road and will carry out any necessary temporary repairs in the meantime.”

Once agreed, plans for the work will be shared with residents and details of the scheme will be available at