Highways team steps in to reduce flood risk

East Sussex Highways logoHIGHWAYS teams have taken action to help prevent homes from further flooding after the efforts to trace the owner of a blocked culvert stalled.

Homes in Wren Close, Heathfield were flooded after torrential downpours on Sunday, July 25, with fire crews having to be called in to help.

Checks carried out by East Sussex Highways revealed the entrance to a culvert at the back of the properties, which is not part of the highway network, had become partly blocked and was overwhelmed by the sheer volume of water.

The search continues to identify those responsible for the culvert, but an owner cannot be traced at this time.

As any significant rainfall could result in further flooding of people’s homes,  East Sussex Highways decided to carry out the work themselves to assist residents. The entrance to the culvert was cleared and checked on Wednesday, July 29.

A spokesperson said: “We know the devastation even a small amount of flood water can cause so to prevent residents having to possibly suffer again, we have cleared the debris from the entrance to the culvert to help prevent further flooding.”

Inspection and testing was also carried out on East Sussex Highways gullies earlier in the week, which were found to be clear and running freely.