Green light for extra investment in county’s roads

ADDITIONAL investment to help improve the condition of East Sussex Roads and protect them for years ahead has been agreed by East Sussex County Council.

The decision follows months of detailed modelling of how extra investment could be most effective as more extreme weather is causing roads across England to deteriorate faster.

The council unanimously approved the additional spending of £5.6 million from reserves to pay for extra patching and drainage work, and to increase the capital programme by £5.1 million, funded through borrowing.

It was also recommended that a further £5 million be added to the council’s capital programme to help with early improvements to make the road network more resilient. A decision on this funding is due to be made in July. If agreed, it would bring the total extra investment to £15.7 million.

The increase in investment would help move 40 more miles of roads into good condition and significantly reduce the proportion of roads in East Sussex needing repair.

Extra investment has already been made in the county’s highways after this was set as an area of priority. In 2022-23 an additional £8.9m was allocated, increasing the capital programme by £3.1m for 10 years and £5.8m which boosted the council’s patching programme. This led to an additional 730 sections of the road network being treated, funded 280 additional works to pavements, and repaired and maintained road markings, road signs and signposts across the county.

Decisions on future investment will be made during the council’s normal budget setting process, starting in the autumn.  Meanwhile, East Sussex County Council continues to lobby central Government for better and longer-term funding for road maintenance.

To view the report to Cabinet and to watch the Cabinet meeting, visit: