New film highlights need for more foster carers

A POWERFUL new film released today will highlight the difference fostering can make.

‘Any Of Us’ is the sixth film produced by a growing partnership of councils and children’s trusts to promote local authority fostering.

The film follows three people from different walks of life who deal with everyday situations and realise that they have the skills to become a foster carer and make a difference.

The project is the largest public sector fostering film collaboration to date, with over 80 participants including East Sussex County Council.

Cllr Bob Bowdler, the lead member for children and families, said: “Foster carers can make a huge difference and change lives by providing children and young people with a safe place to live and setting positive examples of parenting and relationships.

“Sadly, there are always children in need of care – more than the number of carers available, and projects like this are vital in raising awareness.  I would encourage any resident able to offer a place in their lives to a child in need to contact our fostering team and find out more about becoming a foster carer.”

The film, produced by Reel TwentyFive and project managed by CAN Digital, will be officially launched today (September 26).

Project Director, Rachel Brown said: “Whilst there is always a core message about the difference fostering makes within our films, ‘Any Of Us’ has been more ambitious in telling three different stories from diverse foster carers, based around them sharing their experiences with people considering fostering.

“We hope that this will mean that the film and its messaging will appeal to as wider audience as possible and encourage people to foster for their local authority.

“Fostering directly with your council or children’s trust means that you can support your local community by working a with a fostering service that is dedicated to supporting local children and young people who need a nurturing, safe fostering home.”

Help and advice is available to East Sussex County Council foster carers, day or night and every foster carer has a dedicated social worker who is locally based in East Sussex. In addition, a 24-hour telephone helpline is available, seven days a week.

For more information on fostering with East Sussex County Council and to view the film ‘Any of Us’ visit our website