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Money help and advice if you’re feeling the pinch

Lots of us are feeling the impact of cost-of-living pressures right now, and we know for many of you this will be a worrying time. You might be particularly affected if you have a disability or long-term health condition, receive benefits, are a carer, or are unemployed.

If you’re struggling with money related issues, you’re not alone and there is support available. Visit the County Council’s Cost of living support pages for a range of advice and  resources in one place, like access to food, help getting benefits you’re entitled to, debt advice, or because money worries are impacting on your mental health and wellbeing.

It can feel overwhelming to know where to start, so in this article we’ll share some examples of the local and national support on offer, and where you can find more resources.

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Report highlights your views on accessing health and care services in East Sussex

Almost 500 of us have had our say on what we like, and sometimes found frustrating, about accessing health and social care services in East Sussex.

The thoughts and opinions of residents have been published in a report by Healthwatch East Sussex following its ‘2022 Listening Tour’ event in Eastbourne.

The report details everything you told Healthwatch during its first face-to-face ‘Listening Tour’ since 2019. It also sets out conclusions and recommendations to support positive change in our health and care services.

Healthwatch East Sussex worked with community groups to capture ‘every voice’ to better understand how health inequalities are impacting people in the county.

People gave their views through surveys, focus groups, one-to-one conversations and dedicated events last October.

Healthwatch East Sussex found that:

  • People’s appreciation of the NHS was clear, with positive examples of support, advice, treatment and procedures. We heard numerous examples of the expertise, professionalism and compassion of staff in the NHS and wider health and care services, as well as staff and volunteers in local community groups.
  • Common frustrations were waiting times, delays and poor communication. Nearly a third of 390 survey respondents were ‘Unsure’ and 7% were ‘Not Confident at all’ about accessing health and care services when they need them.
  • Some health and care services were not easily accessible to those with disabilities or impairments.
  • Specific user groups, such as the homeless or migrant communities, faced barriers when accessing health and care.
  • There’s a lack of understanding among the public about who provides care services locally and the responsibilities of different organisations in commissioning and delivering care.
  • The cost-of-living crisis is having an impact on people’s wellbeing, with just over half of survey respondents more anxious about the future and a third having less ‘good quality’ sleep than before.

County Council thanks Homes for Ukraine hosts with payment increase

Residents hosting guests through the Homes for Ukraine scheme are now eligible for an extra £150 a month to help them cope with cost-of-living concerns.

The thank you payment from East Sussex County Council is to help hosts cope with increased living costs this winter and show gratitude to those who have shown continued kindness and generosity.

From October 2022 to March 2023, monthly payments for existing and new hosts with fewer than five guests rise to £500 while those accommodating families of five this rises to £650.

In addition, residents who host for 12 consecutive months and are willing to extend their placements beyond the 12-month period will get a one-off incentive payment of £1,000.

In East Sussex, 529 households are hosting Ukrainian guests, and more host families are desperately needed. More information on hosting and the support available to Ukrainian guests is accessible via the County Council’s website.


County Council makes accessing cost-of-living resources easier with dedicated webpage

Accessing benefits and resources linked with rises in the cost of living has been made simpler following the launch of East Sussex County Council’s dedicated website page.

The ‘Support with the cost of living’ home page brings together key resources in one place to take the confusion out of finding advice, information and support to deal with increasing expenses.

Advice includes how to maximise benefits, tackle concerns around housing, pay essential bills, and gain access to mental health services to ease the worry this winter

The County Council’s ‘Support with the cost-of-living’ page assists people in the following areas:

  • Money, including help with benefits
  • Your mental health
  • Transport
  • Employment and learning
  • Your home

Learning Disability England also has accessible advice about saving money, keeping warm, grants and campaigns on its website.