Online donations to help tackle period poverty

DONATIONS to help tackle period poverty in East Sussex can now be made online.

Donated period products have been accepted at libraries across the county since July and from last month residents have also been able to donate virtually through a new online wish list.

The East Sussex Libraries PeriodBank wish list means people can donate reusable and disposable period products to the scheme quickly and easily.

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New allergy law checks by East Sussex Trading Standards

TRADING standards officers will continue to work with businesses across East Sussex after initial checks found two businesses breaching a new law that protects allergy sufferers.

Natasha’s Law came into effect on October 1 requiring food businesses to list all ingredients and allergens on food pre-packaged for sale on their premises, including cafes, bakeries and sandwich shops.

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Campaign targets the impact of alcohol on relationships

IN SUPPORT of this year’s Alcohol Awareness Week, East Sussex County Council and its Recovery Partners are highlighting the impact alcohol can have on relationships and health and wellbeing.

To mark the start of this year’s campaign, which runs from November 15 to 21, the council and its partners will be joining over 4,000 community groups across the UK to increase the understanding of the ways in which alcohol can affect us and our relationships with those around us.

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£8.85million investment in crucial areas agreed

COUNCIL leaders have agreed to invest millions of pounds in tackling climate change and improving the county’s roads and pavements.

East Sussex County Council’s Cabinet agreed one-off additional funding of £8.85million in the two areas at its meeting today (November 9).

A total of £5.8million will be spent on improving road signs, lines and pavements and carrying out road patching across the county, while £3.05million will support the authority’s efforts to cut its carbon emissions.

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