Tree funding boost to council’s environmental efforts

trees being planted FUNDING from the national Local Authority Treescapes Fund will see more trees planted across the county as the council continues its efforts to address the climate emergency.

Nearly £300,000 of funding from the Forestry Commission has been awarded to the county council, following a successful joint bid with Lewes District Council and Eastbourne Borough Council for tree planting projects.

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RAAC within East Sussex schools and other buildings

escc logoThe council, alongside the DfE, have carried out an assessment of council maintained schools constructed or extended between the 1930s and 1990s to investigate for the presence of reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (RAAC) within the buildings.

To date, we have not identified any location where RAAC has been utilised in the construction. Therefore, no East Sussex County Council maintained schools are currently closed due to this issue. The only school currently affected by RAAC in East Sussex is not a council maintained school and any queries should therefore be directed to that Academy Trust.

As a further precaution, the council will now undertake a similar assessment of its other properties.

School Crossing Patrols celebrate 70 years

lollypop lady holding badge and certificate BADGES and certificates marking the Platinum Jubilee of the School Crossing Patrol service have been presented to lollipop men and women across East Sussex.

Provided by Road Safety GB, the badges and certificates have been distributed to School Crossing Patrols (SCPs) by the county council as part of nationwide celebrations to mark the 70th anniversary of the service.

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